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Our liquid specialists will prepare, handle and manipulate your liquid product/beer in the most precise and exciting manner that you may require ! We also take care of the liquid product’s containers and colour correct labeling.

Our food stylists will prepare, test, cook and style your product in the most appetite appealing yet film
practical manner imaginable!
We also take care of hero food and colour correct packaging.

The sfx stylists will design, fabricate and execute any sfx , mechanical rigs or creations required to make
your product stand out!
We also create any shape/size of Fake Ice.

Placing , manipulating , moving and controlling elements is table top rigging.
We handle any element that comes our way and that fits on a “table”, from rotating elements, spinning, swirling, mounting and very specialized rigging.

FxPacs can style any product or packaging, from cell phones to cereal boxes. The product is “presented” (or styled), printed and colour correct in such a manner as to maximise its (appetite) appeal, desirability, function and legitimacy.

Catering to all your on-set requirements for
food and liquids special effects and styling

FxPacs South Africa
7 Invery Place
Cape Town


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